The Friendly Toast - Cambridge

1 Kendall Square b3101 | 617-621-1200

MON - SUN: 8AM - 10PM

Toast Time

Mon-Sun 5-7pm




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Our Commitment To

  • Fresh Ingredients
    We use the freshest, all-natural ingredients available so your food will always taste its very best.
  • Local Farms
    We take pride in sourcing ingredients from the local farming community whenever possible. Your food tastes better this way and the local economy thrives…it’s a win-win!
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
    We use all-natural cleaning products whenever possible, maintaining a sanitary yet non-toxic environment in the dining room and in the kitchen.
  • Recycling Program
    This goes beyond separating bottles. We recycle everything we can, right down to turning our used vegetable oil into biofuel.
  • Composting Initiative
    We take composting very seriously and compost everything from food scraps to coffee grounds to food-soiled paper products.
  • Green Packaging
    Whether it’s napkins, straws or to-go containers, we use 100% plant-based packaging that is made from post-consumer content and is compostable.

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